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Golden International will issue teaching video for youth on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday in which new, sunshine, professional, systematic, continuous, easy to understand, from simple to complex. Welcome teenage attend golden International youth teaching video download to learn, make progress, and happy every day! 

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Two year period to join a special training 100 linked Sundays, or Saturdays, or vacations, total 200 - 700 classes , join and enjoy 6 times performance of dance, poetry, drama play TV with Chinese students etc, to get 6 student's perform DVDs, to help  every teenager  will become the star of tomorrow.

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Virtuous circle! The endless sea shows a broad mind and gives infinite help to human beings. Learn ...
Curiosity! Teenagers should believe in themselves, but one's own must understand that being ...
Please enjoy Golden Int'l Dance Academy teaching demo, student performance demo and student study in classroom demo,  

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Concerned about the growth of our children, the right help, guidance of parents with love, responsibility heart......, share training experiece, let the children growth up healthy in the sun.

Golden Int'l will provide one item  youth group buy every week, designed to help chirldren learn, grow......!

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